Club Booklet - Rome Community Club - 1942
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Club Booklet - Rome Community Club - 1942

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Club Booklet for the Rome Community Club of Rome, Kansas 1942, Organized 1924.


Rome Community Club, Rome, Kansas


Wellington Public Library, Wellington, Kansas


Wellington Public Library, Wellington, Kansas




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Rome Community Club, Rome, Kansas, “Club Booklet - Rome Community Club - 1942,” Wellington Digital Collections, accessed September 30, 2022,

Rome Community Club
Rome Community Club
May 23
Organize 1924 Motto
Loyal to each other and true to the best within us.
Club colors----------Purple and Gold
Club flower----------Yellow Chrysanthemum
Club work------------Miscellaneous
Meetings-------------Alternate Wednesday
Time--------- -------2 P.M.
First quarter
Program-Valdois- Theurer-Cameron
Refreshment- Martin - F. DeBuhr - L. Winchell
Second quarter
Program-Britton, Kucera - S. Theurer Refreshment—Thomas- Sheck- Hall
Third quarter
Program-Hunt-Thomas- DeBuhr Refreshment-Winchell-J. Fox-Valdois
Program-Brooks- Zimmerman, J. Fox Refreshment- Wilkinson- Winchell- Wood Decoration- Theurer-Hunt-Britton
Fourth Quarter
Program-Williams-Hunt-Martin Refreshment - Wood-Cameron-S.Theur er Decoration-M. Winchell-Brooks-- Zimmerman
Elected Officers
President----------Mrs. Roy Fox
Vice- President----Mrs. Arthur Hunt
Secretary----------Mrs. Joe Kucera
Treasurer----------Mrs. Orville Brooks
Appointed Officers
Assn't Secretary- Mrs. John Williams
Reporter--------- Mrs. Geo. Hunt
Historian----------Mrs. Chas. Cameron
Pianist-----------Mrs. N. L. Wilkinson
Par1imentarian-----Mrs. J. H. Britton
Past Presidents
Mrs. J. H. Britton—1924-1925
Mrs. 0. E. Brooks-----1928
Mrs. 0. R. DeBuhr-----1929
Mrs. Geo. Hunt--------1930-l931
Mrs. W. S. McClure----1932-1933
Mrs. 0. E. Brooks-----1934-193
Mrs. Geo. Hunt--------1936
Mrs. J. F. Kucera-----1937 --1938
Mrs. Geo. Hunt---------1939 -1940 -194l
Honorary Members
Mrs. J.H. Britton
Associate Member
Mrs. David Larmer
Mrs. H. L. Wilkinson Mrs. Charles Cameron Mrs. Arthur Hunt
Mrs. J. F. Kucera Mrs. George Hunt Mrs. John Williams
Flower Committee
Mrs. Charles Cameron Mrs. John Wi11iams
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands. One Nation, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.
A beautiful turning to God in prayer,
At the break of day, be it Gull or fair A beautiful deed, not one or two,
But just as many as you care to do.
A beautiful thought in the mind to keep,
There otherwise evil or sin might creep;
A beautiful word, - where the chance occurs Instead of gossip that hurts or slurs.
A beautiful song in praise to Him,
When the shadows fall and the lights
grow dim,
It's easy to make a beautiful way If we live this way each beautiful day.
Name Birthday Anniversary
Mrs. J. H. Britton Oct. 7 Dec. 8
Mrs. 0. E. Brooks Aug. 20 Dec. 30
Mrs. Chas Cameron Sept. 30 Dec. 28
Mrs. O.H. Debuhr Jan. 4 July 24
Mrs. Chas. Fox Sept. 26 April 2
Mrs. Roy Fox April 18 July 30
Mrs. 0. Hall April 8 Jan. 23
Mrs. Arthur Hunt June 6 July 28
Mrs. Geo. Hunt Aug. 21 Dec. 23
Mrs. J. Kucera April 4 Nov. 25
Mrs. David Larmer Nov. 20 Sept. 26
Mrs. W. Martin April 10 Oct. 21
Mrs. Fred Shack Oct. 10 SEPT 26
Mrs. Fred Theurer March 16 July 3
Mrs. John Theurer Sept. 20 Oct. 30
Mrs. S. R. Thomas Dec. 28 Oct. 28
Mrs. Paul Va1dois Oct. 1 July 23
Mrs. John Wi1liams Feb 9 Jan. 6
Mrs. H.L. Wilkinson Jan 21 Aug. 8
Mrs. Frank Winchell Sept. 9 March 15
Mrs. Walter Winchell July 22 July 31
Mrs. R. Wood Feb. 29 Sept. 8
Mrs. J .W. Zimmerman June 20 April 29
We believe in our club and in the
Community to which we belong; the duty of whose members shell be:
To guard the health of their families as zealously as our government guards the welfare of its people.
To improve conditions in the home and in the community, to the test of their ability, make of the club and community life an organization, one and inseparable, establish upon those principles of square dealing, brotherly love, kindness toward all, and malice toward none.
To derive from life all the happiness obtainab1e.
I therefore believe it is my duty to my club and to my community to try to live up to this creed and to help others do so.
Call to order Bills Roll Ca11
Creed Unfinished business
Minutes New Business Program &
Jan. 14
Hope for the best, get ready for the worst, and take what comes.
ROLL CALL - Things I would like to do this
HOSTESS - Ella Winchell LEADER - Ethel Hunt Installation of officers.
Jan. 28
When you think of a better state than
Every potato winks its eye,
Beets turn red in. the face,
Cabbages shake their heads,
Wheat fields are shocked,
And every foot of ground kicks.
ROLL CALL - Where I would go if I had to leave Kansas.
LEADER - Bernice Hunt
Feb. 11
Door locked , key in the cellar, No one home but you and your feller. ROLL CALL - Give an album gem of old HOSTESS - Mi1dred Winchell LEADER - Mary Hall
Send your Sunshine Sister a Valentine
Feb. 25
"A nation is great only as its citizens are worthy."
ROLL CALL - quotation from a United States president.
LEADER -Mary Fox

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Small bound program booklet approximately 4" 1/2" wide X 5 1/2" tall, in handprinted cover, with typewritten pages, and bound with a ribbon.