Treble Clef Club

This collection features club booklets for the Wellington, Kansas Treble Clef Club

According to the December 14th 1919 Wichita Eagle article, the musical club, the Treble Clef, was organized six years ago (1913) by Zeta Van-Gundy and Grace VanDyke. Young women who have completed a course in music, or who are studying at present, are eligible, and the present membership included about twenty-five of Wellington’s girls and young matrons.

Mrs. Ruth Voshell was the secretary of the Treble Clef.
Some of the topics which have received time and thought of the club are: Musical Form, Musicians, Appreciation of Music, and this year, the club is devoting its time to the study of Modern Musicians and Composers.

The Treble Clef has a very good chorus, and each year an operatta or cantata is given, and at the close of each season, the members enjoy a miscellaneous program and luncheon.

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Treble Clef Club Wellington, Kansas
Club Booklet for the Treble Clef Club of Wellington, Kansas, 1944-1945

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